No Deposit StartUp Bonus

LimeFX bonus $500

The message “Trading is prohibited” appears in the platform. – Please check the email box you specified when getting the bonus. Perhaps, your profits made from the bonus reached the threshold of 10% of the bonus funds.

The bonus is valid for every deposit no matter how much you have earned or lost in previous deals. The 55% bonus enables traders to make larger deals on Forex. When trading on a client’s account is suspended after a certain profit level is reached, you receive an email with the phone number of this client. It enables you to call your referral and explain why trading was suspended and what should be done in order to remove restrictions (make a deposit). At the same time, the client will also get an explanation by email. However, experience has proven that clients become more active after their partner contacts them.

So, it’s not necessarily most convenient for the broker as well, cause it might stop their clients for registering. Meanwhile, most offshore, unregulated brokers don’t use KYC procedure. This is why their registration process is usually very simple. You can instantly make an account and start trading, but the safety is not guaranteed. This is something that must be taken into consideration. If you didn’t know already, LimeFX is an international broker that has been operating since 2007.


To be fair, the basis of this procedure is mutual trust. Meaning, you have to trust your broker. Admirals is a fully regulated broker, so you don’t need to worry about their safety. Hi Abdul, which countries are you from? Maybe your country is not eligible for the bonus.

LimeFX bonus $500

So, if you deposit $250, you’ll get another $250 in the form of bonus cash. You get commissions when clients trade with both real and bonus funds. However, when clients trade with real funds, you can withdraw the commission right after it was credited.

Non-stop trading

There is no limit on withdrawing the profit gained from the bonus. It is worth mentioning that the bonus is given for a deposit of up to $2,000. If the deposit amount is over $2,000 but less than $5,000, then the client shall get a 100% bonus for the $2,000 and 50% for the remaining funds. If the deposit is above $5,000, a 30% bonus will be applied. There is no limit to the amount of broker bonus you can get.

  • I was pretty skeptical about this too cause I know cybercrime is everywhere now and we need to protect ourselves.
  • To be fair, the basis of this procedure is mutual trust.
  • Being a partner of LimeFX, you have an outstanding opportunity to take part in a new campaign – 500$ Affiliate Reward – to receive extra money.
  • – The no deposit bonus is available only to new clients.
  • Basically, every client that owns an LimeFX Club Card can apply for this program.

Please note that this should not be considered as financial advice.

???? LimeFX $3,500 STARTUP No-deposit bonus

But recently I have been having a hard time logging in to my account. It said my account password has expired or something, I don’t know what that meant. So, I tried to contact their customer service, but they haven’t replied to my chat yet. Hi, if you are inactive for six months, you are eligible to apply the bonus again. Once you have reached 10% profit of the bonus, you need to make an equivalent or larger deposit.

LimeFX bonus $500

The benefit is acknowledged automatically once wanted and is designed for trading immediately. So, I was doing some digging and found out about LimeFX’s welcome bonus. Apparently, a bunch of other brokers offer this same type of promo to reel in new clients. But, get this – LimeFX doesn’t take away any of the bonus if you withdraw your profits! Other brokers might penalize you for doing that, which sucks. Most forex brokerage firms offer bonus programs to attract new clients and help them build a good relationship based on mutual benefits.

LimeFX Startup $500 No Deposit Bonus

Copying the trades of a professional is highly profitable even without you personally taking the risk of trading. In this brief article, we will discuss the different kinds of bonuses LimeFX limefx scammers is offering to its customers. If the affiliate group comprises several accounts opened under the same name, the one with the biggest deposit on it shall be accepted for the campaign.

LimeFX offers a $500 no deposit forex trading bonus, allowing you to begin trading forex and CFDs with no deposit and no risk. The new $500 No Deposit Forex Trading Bonus from LimeFX is a fantastic way to get started in the Forex market. You might have assumed that the bonus offers many possibilities for getting cash quickly as the bonus funds can be used in the ForexCopy system. However, clients need to make a deposit in order to withdraw profits. LimeFX gives its customers several bonus options.

As soon as your application is considered and approved, 500$ will be transferred to a trading account opened specifically for you by LimeFX. The credentials will be sent to an email address you provided at the stage of registration with the affiliate program. If you pay attention to these brokers, welcome bonus is actually very common. A lot of major brokers offer it simply to attract new clients, so they’re trying to make it sound very appealing.

This unprecedented bonus is available for all clients. LimeFX gives you a unique opportunity to get the 100% bonus on first deposit. You just need to open and top up a live trading account and fill in the application form.

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